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All information on this website (except for the Articles in the Popular Press page) is cited from peer-reviewed, published sources, unless otherwise noted. Some of the basic biology information is taken from cell biology or immunology textbooks. The scientific journal articles cited below are all cited elsewhere within this website (enter the author and date in the "search" tool to find where they are discussed). Throughout the site, I linked the journal citations directly to the PubMed database, rather than this page. If the full text is not available for free, try your local university library, or writing to the author. Other sources include Google Scholar and BioMedSearch; the latter includes not only those articles listed on PubMed, but also dissertations and additional journals as well.

Below are PubMed collections of the articles cited on this website, organized by topic. You can download them directly into a citation database from PubMed.

All references cited on this website (over 9000 studies!)

New studies that I haven't yet put online but intend to (i.e., my to-do list); I try to keep this list empty!

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To download or see a list of articles sorted by topic, see these PubMed Collections. These collections include all the articles cited on this website, and many more as well.

Incidence and Prevalence

Exposure During Development

Type of Diabetes

Diabetes Management and Complications

References on Specific Environmental Chemicals

References on Other Environmental Factors

Interactions Among Different Factors

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